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Banquet Beverage Selection

Banquet Beverage

Please refer to Catering menus for current beverages offered on Banquet Bars.  The Resort does not permit food or beverage to be brought into the Resort property, including, but not limited to, any suite used as a hospitality suite or the Resort’s marina and golf courses, if applicable.  Food and beverage purchased through the Resort may not be removed from the premises and must be dispensed only by the Resort servers.  Provisions of the Resort’s liquor license prohibit patrons from providing alcoholic beverages from outside sources.  If alcoholic beverages are served on the Resort’s premises (or elsewhere under the provision of the Resort’s liquor license), the Resort is required to request proper identifications (photo identification of anyone of questionable age) and refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who fails to present proper identification or who appears to be intoxicated, according to the Resort’s discretion consistent with the applicable state regulations.
The mandatory service charge that is in effect on the day of your Event will be added to your bill.  Currently, the mandatory service charge rate is 24% of the banquet food and beverage and room rental total, plus applicable state and local taxes.  A portion of this service charge (currently 13.75%) will be distributed to the banquet service staff assigned to the event.  Our banquet service staff are commissioned employees and their compensation is derived from an hourly rate of pay and the distribution of the service charge.  A tip or gratuity is not included in the service charge.
Complete menus for group sponsored food and beverage events should be submitted to the Convention Manager a minimum of twenty-one (21) days prior to the main date of the Group’s arrival to allow appropriate planning for the success of your event.  Failure to submit requested menus prior to the 21-day cut-off may result in substitutions based on market availability. Menus submitted within seven (7) days may be subject to additional charges.
The Resort offers a choice of standard and premium beverages on banquet bars. Specialty items are available upon request.

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